ceci galban

founder and ceo

I used to say that “I don’t have the worst job in the world”— it was my way of modestly saying
I LOVE MY JOB. Helping presenters successfully get their message across gives me great pleasure,
and I’m so happy for them when I’m sitting backstage at an event and they totally nail it. 
Speaker support is just that— it should support the message and help the presenter tell the story.
My background in theater informs the way our company approaches presentation design.
These days I just say it— I LOVE MY JOB!

aaron kerr

consulting partner

paul belodeau

designer, production artist and show operator

FlashPoint Studio has 12 years of experience creating presentations for large-scale corporate events. Working directly with you or your creative services/production company—before your event and onsite—to ensure that “the show goes on” without a hitch.

See synonyms above.   Aaron brings more than a decade of experience, and a
super-human amount of focus and creativity to FlashPoint projects.  He is frequently referred to as “the brains” because of his skill at casual mind-reading, and his relentless pursuit of solutions to technical and creative quandaries.

synonyms: pro, professional, ace, artist, crackerjack, master, shark, wizard

Presentation Experts

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